Open Firewall Port

If you install Machbase in Windows, you must open the port that Machbase uses in the Windows Firewall.
In general, Machbase uses  two ports:  5656 and 5001 .

To register the port on the  firewall , select Control Panel - Windows Firewall or Windows Defender Firewall. 
On the Run screen, click the "Advanced Settings" menu.

Under Advanced Settings, select Inbound Rules - New Rule and click.

When the New Rule Setup Wizard window is displayed, select the Port option as shown below and click Next .

Select the TCP(T) option , enter 5656,5001 in the Specific Local Ports field, and then click Next .

Select the Allow The Connection option and click Next .

Check Domain , Private , and Public and click Next .

Complete the Name and Description fields, and then click Finish .

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