The Fastest Time Series DBMS for IoT and BigData
Embedded Edition
What is this for?
In the emerging IoT era, we are surrounded by an enormous number of sensors and connected devices. As the amount of data that needs to be processed is increasing exponentially, the demands for processing big data in real-time arises as well. In particular, firewall and IoT gateway devices are facing daunting challenges to store, analyze and send large volumes of data in real-time. However, real-time data processing is something that conventional DBMS cannot handle so that there are demands for new products on the market. This is where Machbase embedded edition comes in.The embedded edition can operated on appliances. For customers who face difficulties using conventional DBMS on embedded environments, Machbase Embedded edition is a good news. Hundreds of devices are sold every year? The embedded edition is perfect for you.
  • Raspberry PI 2

  • Raspberry PI 3

  • Operated on a single-machine and display great performance
  • ARM, x86 support (Raspberry PI 3, Samsung ARTIK 7, Advantech UTX-3115)
  • Windows support
  • Provide standard SDKs: CLI, ODBC and JDBC
  • Provide Machbase Web Analytics
  • When storing 100 byte payloads on embedded hardware
  • - process more than 50,000 EPS (Events Per Second)
  • - store more than 2.5B records on 500GB HDD
  • Optimized for low-spec hardware
  • Reasonable price
Application area
  • UTM(Unified Threat Management)
  • Web Application Firewall
  • IoT gateway for edge analytics
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Technology partner of Samsung ARTIK
Use case
One of your customers has adopted and embedded Machbase on their UTM appliances for collecting and processing data in real-time after having difficulty processing data with conventional DBMS. Even though various restrictions imposed on the environments, Machbase was able to process 100,000 records per second and store more than 10B records. If you want to know the detailed information about the case study, please check embedded in UTM devices.